• Building BONDs between

    People and Nature

  • Building BONDs between

    City and Nature

  • Building BONDs between

    People and People

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We've dedicated 26 months of focused effort to bring you our brand new line of campfire products.

They promise to deliver an unparalleled delightful experience. We've named this series "Bond"

- BondStove

Our Principle

Most of our energy is focused on crafting high-quality products. We off er our premium products to customers and actively collect their feedback on usage. Based on this feedback, we optimize our products before reintroducing them to the market. This continuous improvement cycle is the secret behind the trustworthiness of our products.

Our Team

Our team has already managed some exceptional electronic products in the industry, which have been embraced by millions and received countless accolades. However, the thrill of these successes was as fleeting as the lifespan of the electronics themselves.

Thus, we are setting out anew. Embracing the modern outdoor lifestyle is our new journey, and we are fully committed to it. There is no doubt that this represents a whole new challenge for us, but we are certain of our passion for WARMBOND. This passion has already driven us for three years. It is so intense that it has led us to embark on this adventure, and it is this same passion that will continue to drive us forward. This is who we are.


Our Story

The idea for Warmbond was born in 2020 when the sudden onset of Covid-19 put a pause on our busy lives. During that downtime, we pondered one question: What is most precious in the journey of life? We ultimately realized that it is the fresh air, bright sunshine, beautiful nature, gentle breezes, and the precious moments spent with family and friends that truly matter.

We are not outdoor experts, but we cherish this beautiful way of life. We were dissatisfied with many outdoor products: they were ugly, unfriendly to beginners, and not durable. Therefore, we hope to create beautiful and functional products to share this joy with more friends.