1. How to Install BondStove Fire Pit?

  • Install the heat insulating plate on the fire pit base.
  • Install 4 legs to the fire pit base.
  • Put the removable ash pan inside the fire pit.
  • Put the removable combustion grate above the ash pan.

2. Is BondStove Fire Pit really Smokeless?

Yes, WARMBOND BondStove fire pit has dual airflow system, providing more oxygen to burn off the smoke before it escapes.

With proper steps and burning materials, WARMBOND fire pit produces less smoke than other traditional fire pits.

3. How does the Dual-Airflow System Work?

It allows the air pass through faster and maximizes the burning of smoke before it escapes. Plus, the two systems are independent, which means no interference with the steady bonfire in the middle.

Dual-air System








4. What Types of Wood Should I Use as Fuel?

The perfect smokeless flame requires high-quality and dry fuel. Kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, or maple have a low moisture content.

5. Is it Suitable forCharcoal or Coal?

Yes, but we do not recommend you use coal since it is non-renewable. WARMBOND always holds the green and eco-friendly beliefs, so we encourage our users to use renewable fuels.

6. How do I Clean theFire Pit?

When the wood is burned off completely, and the fire pit is cool, lift the removable ash pan under the combustion grate and dump it.

Wipe the stains with clean cloths for the fire pit exterior.

7. How often should I Clean the Fire Pit?

We recommend cleaning out the ash every time you used. The frequent cleaning and proper maintenance can effectively prolong the product’s life.

8. How does the Fire Starter Work?

Simply light up the fire starter ring, put it into the combustion grate, add woods. WARMBOND unique fire starter ring can light up in 3 seconds and can last for 12 minutes of consistent burning.

9. What is the Exterior Coating Made of?

The fire pit exterior is made of high-temperature powder spraying enamel which is durable.

10. Can I use it on the wood deck? Stamped concrete?

Yes. WARMBOND fire pit can be used safely on various surfaces, including wood deck or stamped concrete, ceramic tile and even the lawn(the grass cannot reach the fire pit).

Due to the multi-layer design, it is high-temperature resistant to protect the floor or surface you placed the fire pit.

11. How should I put out the fire?

We always recommend letting the fire burn out on its own, unless there’s an emergency. NEVER use lid or water to extinguish the fire as it can damage the lid or fire pit.

12. What’s the warranty?

WARMBOND offers limited lifetime warranty. Kindly check details on our warranty page.