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Unique Squircle Shape

  • BondStove outdoor smokeless fire pit has a unique squircle shape overriding circular.
  • 19.5" Squircle = 22" Circular in performance.
  • The size of BondStove Smokelss fire pit is 17.4H×19.6W×19.6L(inch)

More Warmth, Less Smoke

  • BondStove smokeless fire pit has a unique dual air system that allows you to relish in fireside experiences without smoky flame, no more smoke-smelling clothes & teary eyes.
  • Our fire pit provides more oxygen to feed the fire and burns the smoke before it escapes from the fire pit.

Cook Anywhere

  • Our BondStove Smokeless fire pit have a matching unique grill pack so you can cook like a chef. Just put the food on the grill, and cover with the lid - just wait for your gourmet!
  • Quick & easy, no more hurry-scurry. Braised, BBQ, grill, toast, fry, bake... just explore more cooking styles with BondStove!

Very Convenient

  • Squircle design makes it a breeze to stow all the accessories inside the stove.
  • The included insulated storage bag makes the smokeless fire pit extremely portable to move quickly and get started fast.

In-stove Clean-up

  • The BondStove Smokeless fire pit is equipped with a removable ash pan.
  • After using the stove, simply lift up the ash pan and pour out the ashes.
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